Phone Connectivity Alert:

If you experience connectivity problems AFTER attempting to call your physician’s office, please call 912.691.3600.

Several of our offices are experiencing phone connectivity problems due to issues related to our phone carrier, Windstream Communications. This problem has been on-going for some time and as a result, SouthCoast Health has made the difficult decision to transfer our service to another phone vendor.

We are committed to making this transition as seamless as possible to our patients; however, if you experience connectivity problems after attempting to call your physician’s office, please call 912.691.3600. In addition, if you are a member of our FollowMyHealth portal, you may request appointments, prescription refills and send messages to your physician’s nurse via the portal.

Thank you!

Image Guided Pain Management

Understanding Image Guided Pain

Disc herniations, arthritis and injury can inflict pain which is debilitating at times. In conjunction with imaging, painful symptoms can be correlated with findings on x-rays and MRI. Using these tools for diagnosis, our radiologists can tailor site-specific,  minimally invasive treatments which help to alleviate symptoms and allow the body to heal in conjunction with other conservative treatment such as physical therapy.

Using fluoroscopy and CT, our radiologists perform a variety of image guided pain interventions including epidural steroid injections and facet joint injections for pain in the neck or low back or radiating from there into the arms or legs; joint injections in the hip, shoulder, knee, foot or ankle; vertebroplasty for fractures of the spine; and sympathetic blocks for reflex sympathetic dystrophy.

Payment and Insurance

Please remember to bring your insurance information.

SouthCoast Imaging Center participates in most major insurance plans. We will be pleased to bill your insurance company for you, upon request.